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Chop Suey Poems

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Web Sites

"Moon Cake" appeared on the San Francisco Public Library Web site,, as part of City Reflections: War and Peace on Our Streets.

"Family Dinner," "China," and "Beneath the Surface" appeared in the Poetry Foundation Web Site 

Literary Magazines

"Distance" and "Wisdom" appeared in Ploughshares

"Prayers to Buddha" and "Midwife" appeared in The Kenyon Review

"Shaman" appeared in Phoebe

"Rain" appeared in Mid-American Review

"All My Life" and "At the Wonton Monkee" appeared in ZYZZYVA

"Instructions" and " Peel" appeared in The Cafe Review

"Two People" appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review

"Driving with My Third Eye" appeared in Another Chicago Magazine

"Homage to Boy George" and "Little Priscilla, Meet Big Priscilla" appeared in the Paterson Literary Review

"How the Lee's Have Fun on a Saturday Night," "Chu's House of Lovely Animals," and "White-Knuckle Romance" appeared in Flyaway

"As A Way," "Sex," "The Crossing," "Mania," "After the Bird," and "The Mummy" appeared in Gargoyle Magazine

"Becoming a Cross-Dresser" featured in Gargoyle #46 Spoken Word/Music CD

"Family Dinner" appeared in Poetry Flash

"Carry On Like a Raven," "The Sunset, 1973," "The Bench, 1973" "King of Beasts" appeared in Konch Magazine

"Chinese Wedding in Vegas" appeared  in Hyphen

"Empathy" and "Chinese Girl in the Mirror" appeared in the Berkeley Poetry Review

"Fruits," "Palms," and "George Grosz 'Suicide' 1916" appeared in Bakunin

"Lines" appeared in Barrow Street

"Wishbone" and "What My Grandfather Sang" appeared in Cream City Review

"Wane," "Nocturne," "Beast," and "Breaking" appeared in Rain City Review

"Offering" appeared in Urban Spaghetti

"White-Knuckle Romance", "Chu's House of Lovely Animals", "The Miscarriage", "Hovering", "The Crisp Heart of Romaine", "Dim Sum and Then What?" "Letter to My Therapist", and "Little Guy and George" appeared on

"Jade Bracelets of the Chop Chop Sisterhood" appeared in The Yerba Buena Asian American Corps and Senior Activities Center Newsletter

"Steam" and "Cousin Rocco's 30th Birthday" appeared in Poems from the Center for Visionary Women

"Pretty Woman" and "HA" appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Hyllning till Boy George" ("Homage to Boy George" translated into Swedish) appeared in LYRIK vännen

"Grandma Midwife" and "My Grandmother Was 100 Years Old When She Died" forthcoming in the Paterson Literary Review


"Burnt Offerings" appeared in The Place That Inhabits Us:  Poems of the San Francisco Bay Watershed

"Fortune" appeared in Making More Waves:  New Writings By Asian American Women

"The Vision" appeared in Storming Heaven's Gate: An Anthology of Spirtual Writings by Women

"The Miscarriage," "In Laws and Outlaws," and "The Butterfly Lovers" appeared in Yellow as Turmeric, Fragrant as Cloves

"Mom's Chinese Cooking Lessons," "Rice and Meatballs," "Living Above the Keystone Korner, San Francisco, 1970," and "My Secret Life" appeared in the Marin Poetry Center Anthology

"Moon Cake" reprinted in The Other Side of the Postcard; City Lights Foundation

"Steam" reprinted in the Santa Rosa Poetry Walk Anthology

"Homage to Boy George" reprinted in the Poets 11 2008 Anthology of Poems

"Chu's House of Lovely Animals" reprinted in Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge: Poems About Marriage; Grayson Books