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Poetry Foundation, biography

Poetry Foundation, "Family Dinner"

Poetry Foundation, "China"

Poetry Foundation, "Beneath the Surface"

Kurt Milberger reading "Beneath the Surface" on YouTube


San Francisco Chronicle’s Review of Wishbone, “Poetry Collections Range From Breathless to Quiet?

Review by Phillina Sun

Review of Ploughshares issue 1997, "Distance" and "Wisdom"

Glenn Ingersoll, "Dare I Read?"

dVerse, Poetics: Your Family History, “China?

Asian-American Women's Literature "Prayers to Buddha"

Words from a Blanket Fort "Family Dinner"

Poetry, "Beneath the Surface"

Brady John, "Beneath the Surface"

Michael Douglass’ Outline Of My Lover Essay, Research Paper

Pages Where "Beneath the Surface" is Posted

Casey Moore


50 Nature Poems

Meet Me at the Poet Tree (blog at UCI)

Poetic Bouquet

Bruce Grant

thepedlarsworkshop cafe-bar-gallery

Artful Possibilities / Kim Fitzsimmons

Russell Boyle


I am the Lizard Queen, "Prayers to Buddha"

The Amateur Mind: Disruptive philosophy and theology, "Family Dinner"

Modern Wife, various poems

The Web Poetry Center Scavengers

Nourishing Words, Beautiful Food, "How to Stuff an Eggplant"

Painting Each Day, "How to Stuff an Eggplant"

Scribd, "China"

Aggression Cookies

Emely's Recipes


Recipe Lion, "Meat Cleaver Aggression Cookies"

Recipe of Health



Family Oven


My Recipe Scrapbook

Modern Wife

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Class Assignments

ENG 153: Traveling Souls: Women Authors of the late-20th and 21st Centuries

Possessing Every Frozen Delicacy (blog as a place to share the poems a teacher’s ninth grade students)

College Lit 2014

Writing about a Photograph