Bite-Sized Life

Chop Suey Poems

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Hot Dogs and Marshmallow Disintegration

Barbeque Pitt, a graduate of Sahara Zoo U.,

razor sharp ophthalmologist and high diver,

died peacefully in March of dehydration,

surrounded by his cousin’s stolen cholesterol medication.

He was a death spiral belly flop prodigy, changing

from swallow-tailed kite to Henrietta Hippo in mid-air.

On the local scene, he delivered cabbages to naked aliens

from Jupiter and gargled hot tub tequila in the punk-colored

living room of a borrowed house. Singing about neck-stabbed

hot dogs and marshmallow disintegration came natural to him,

having practiced on the streets of San Francisco for many years.

He is survived by his daughters, Strangelove and Fishscales;

a grandchild, and one Aye-aye gremlin.

A celebration of his life was held at the Double-Flip Grill.

                                                                        Priscilla Lee