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In Memory of Zoe Moraga Natkin Ripley

1991 -  2009

b. May 1991

d. September 2, 2009 at 5:00 am

Zoe, our hearts are empty without you.

Zoe, Miss Petite Feet


baked gourmet cookies in her spare time

The Zoe Poems

Little Guy Ripley, CEO of

Little Guy, who weighs in at 17 pounds, was John Wayne in a previous life.

He is available to walk chihuahuas by appointment.

When not working, he is training to become the next James Bond. (He was training to become an Elvis impersonator, but became bored with that endeavor.)

Little Guy with THINGS (see below for a sampling of things)

George and Little Guy

Little Guy posing with his Celtic Cat pendant from the Anita Lang Collection.

Zoe and Little Guy 

Nap Time for Everyone